CheckM8 iCloud Activation Lock Bypass

Checkm8 Software Troubleshooting

Error 1: Your iPhone (Global Version) or iPad (WiFi + Cellular) gets locked after restart.

The reason why this happens is that you did not insert a valid SIM card with a PIN code into your iPhone or iPad.

Please make sure you follow all the following instructions once bypassing process is completed:

  • Complete the Setup process on your Apple device.
  • INSERT a valid SIM card with enabled PIN code and click on “Cancel” button when you are asked to enter the pin code

Use the SIM PIN on your iPhone or iPad

Insert a valid SIM card with enabled PIN code and click on “Cancel” button when you are asked to enter the PIN code


Error 2: Why there is no signal after the bypassing process is completed?

If your iPhone (Global Version) has MEID, it won’t have a signal after completion of the bypassing process. This means, calls making and receiving features won’t be available on your iPhone.

Please get back to the service description and read it MORE CAREFULLY. Pay your special attention to the huge red warning placed right on the check-out page.
Misleading anyone was never our intention. This is the reason why the clarification was placed on our web page for your information.

In the event if you’ve ordered the service without GSM module activation, making and receiving calls feature won’t be available on your iPhone.


Error 3: iMessage and FaceTime don’t work after bypass.

If this is your case, please try to login using another Apple ID or create a new one!

iMessage and FaceTime issues you experience may be caused by several reasons. They are:

Your device might be locked by Apple because of the spam.

Some carriers may charge for iMessage, FaceTime activations, and so on. Please make sure you have sufficient amount on your account.

It not the issue on our side so please check this guide


Error 4: You’ve ordered iCloud bypass service with GSM module activation (available for GSM versions only) but there is still no signal after the bypass is completed.

Most likely, the carrier blacklisted your iPhone. If this is the case, making and receiving calls feature won’t be available on your iPhone, as well as mobile data usage.

Please check your iPhone’s IMEI to make sure whether your device is blacklisted or not!

If blacklisting is not the issue, please contact us via email or open a Support Ticket using the customer dashboard on our website.

Otherwise please contact us by the email or open a Support ticket via customer panel on our website


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