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Today, disabled iPhone unlock has become common for users who don't remember their password and cannot get past the password lock screen. A user-friendly Checkm8 tool will bypass Passcode Lock Screen and unlock disabled iPhone to help you recover functionality!

  • Supports iOS version up to the iOS 15.6
  • Compatible with iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X models

Carrier locked iPhones are not supported

What happens if you forget your iPhone passcode?

If you often enter the wrong passcode on your iPhone Lock Screen, an alert lets you know that your iPhone is disabled. As you may know, the disabled iPhone can only be erased and restored. But in this case, after erasing/restoring, you need to enter the iCloud credential to remove the Activation Lock screen.

What to do if you forget your passcode and don't have your Apple ID and password from the device? Don't panic! The CheckM8 Dev team released a solution for passcode-disabled devices. It is ready to remove the passcode and unlock your iPhone!

The software is user friendly and ready to unlock these passcode disabled iPhone models: 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X.

Unlock an iPhone locked by a passcode

iPhone Passcode Bypass Price

Midels list Price
iPhone X $3999
iPhone 8, 8 Plus $3999
iPhone 7, 7 Plus $2999

How to Bypass iPhone Passcode Lock Using CheckM8 Software

Learn how to unlock passcode-disabled iPhone in a few steps. You will need your iPhone, Checkm8 software, and no passcodes or Apple ID.

  • Step 1. Download & Install CheckM8 iPhone Passcode Lock Screen Bypass Software. Please note! If you try to open an application that is not registered with Apple as an unidentified developer, you may receive a warning dialog box. Follow official guide how to Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer.
  • install iphone passcode bypass software step 1
    install iphone passcode bypass software step 2
    install iphone passcode bypass software step 3
    install iphone passcode bypass software step 4
  • Step 2. Preparing the iPhone for removing the Passcode Lock. Begin with putting the disabled iPhone in the DFU mode. The Checkm8 tool will display step-by-step guidelines on entering the DFU mode as soon as it detects your device. Also, here are thorough instructions on how to get the iPhone in DFU mode with a video tutorial. When the Checkm8 software detects your iPhone in the DFU mode, it will run its check.
  • iphone passcode bypass connect dfu
    iphone passcode bypass device supported
  • Step 3. Eligible for bypass passcode lock users with disabled iPhones will get to the following webpage to order the service and checkout. After making the payment, your iPhone's ECID number will be added to the software's database and allow you to use the passcode bypass tool to unlock your iPhone.
  • iphone passcode bypass order
    iphone passcode bypass start
  • Step 4. Press the "Start" button and let the software remove the passcode lock screen from your iPhone.
  • iphone passcode bypass connecting
    iphone passcode bypass download files
    iphone passcode bypass prepare device
    iphone passcode bypass saving data
  • Step 4. You will know of a success when you are prompted to restore the phone. There will be a link to instructions on iPhone DFU Mode restore process using iTunes or Finder. After this, the handset will update your iOS firmware to the most recent version. Important! All information on your disabled iPhone will be erased permanently.
  • iphone passcode bypass saving data done
    iphone passcode bypass restore
  • Step 5. Exit iTunes. Get back to the Checkm8 tool and press the "Start" to complete the passcode bypass. You will get a notification when Checkm8 unlocks the iPhone.
  • iphone passcode bypass restore data
    iphone passcode bypass restore data done

After the passcode bypass procedure, you are welcome to set up your iPhone like new. It will function like any other device. You can sign in using your Apple ID, get applications and games from iTunes App Store, call your friends, use an Internet connection, etc.

iphone passcode bypass done

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