How to Bypass MDM Lock on Mac with macOS Ventura

How to Bypass MDM Lock on Mac with macOS Ventura

The owner of a Mac with macOS Ventura and MDM profile lock can bypass MDM Lock and remove the Mobile Device Management profile using a unique CheckM8 solution. It works even on locked computers and can help you get complete control over your gadget.

The CheckM8 MDM Lock bypass requires several steps. Before removing the corporate profile, you must prepare your macOS Ventura computer by downgrading its operating system.

This process is not too complicated, but it requires some of your time and attention.

Step 1. Preparing macOS Ventura Computer

It would help if you had a secondary volume that you could use as a startup disk or USB flash (external drive). It is needed for macOS Monterey installation on the macOS Ventura Mac, so make sure there is at least 14GB of space or more than this.

Now it is time to format this external drive or secondary volume as Mac OS Extended. Then get the complete macOS Monterey installer.

Step 2. Making Bootable Installer

Launch Terminal after connecting your secondary volume or USB flash drive that turns into the bootable installer. You will have to enter or copy-paste the command to Terminal under Applications - Utilities:

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/MyVolume Press "Return" to enter this command. In it,"MyVolume" is the name of your flash drive or secondary volume. You can replace it using a different name for your bootable installer.

The command makes your computer believe that your Applications folder contains the older macOS Monterey.

Do the following things when your Terminal asks you:

  • Enter the computer administrator password (there might be no signs when you enter it, but that's fine) - press Return;
  • Enter Y to confirm your agreement to erase the volume - press Return;
  • If you see a warning that the Terminal tries to access the files on the erased volume, click Ok to let the process move on and keep erasing (there will be a progress bar);
  • After seeing "Done," you can exit the Terminal and remove the volume or external drive.
  • Now the name of your volume should be "Install macOS Monterey."

Step 3. Using Bootable Installer

Before you downgrade your computer to macOS Monterey, double-check and ensure it is compatible with this version. Now you can connect the device to the internet.

The bootable installer does not use the internet to download the macOS. It only needs a connection to get details about your device model and operating system version.

The following actions can differ for your gadget.

If you have an Apple Silicon computer, turn it on after plugging in the external drive and hold the power button until the startup window appears, showing a list of bootable volumes. Select the bootable installer with macOS Monterey, click Continue, and do as the on-screen suggestions say.

If you have an Intell processor,turn on the computer once the volume is plugged in. You must at once press-hold the Option (Alt) and wait for the dark screen to appear, showing you the bootable volume selections, from which you can choose the installer with macOS Monterey. Click the arrow, and after this, press Return.

You are booting from your external drive. You might be able to choose your preferred language. Then select Install macOS Monterey from Utilities, click Continue and follow the on-screen directions.

P.S. If you could not boot using the installer, the problem could be the following. You should see if the settings in Startup Security Utility allow you to boot from external or removable media.

Step 4. How to Bypass MDM Lock with CheckM8

After you downgrade macOS Ventura with MDM lock to Monterey, get the CheckM8 MDM bypass software and use it to remove Mobile Device Management profile from your computer. Follow the on-screen guides explaining how to remove the corporate profile on a compatible Mac. Enjoy using your device!

Download CheckM8 macOS MDM Bypass Tool


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