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We created this software striving to help users to restore the access to their blocked Apple devices. Fair and transparent business is our value. We are pragmatic and always look ahead. Our customers and their feedback are our values as well. Our dev team always strains for self-improvement.


“Giving a second life to the hopeless devices” is our mission. The purpose of Checkm8 Company existence is helping users to remove iCloud lock on blocked devices via provision of the innovative, efficient, and secure Checkm8 tools software capable to unlock iCloud Locked Apple devices.


“Making our customers happy via their devices restoring” is the Checm8’s team vision.

We are the team of firm believers that the ways of people’s interaction with technology were changed a lot since Apple devices were first released. The focal point of our activities is helping those Apple devices users who forgot or lost their Apple ID accounts and need the simple and reliable access restoration to them as an alternative to throwing their iPhones or iPads away.

Our software was developed as the best, reliable and effective way for users to solve their issues related to the access to their Apple devices.

Checkm8 Resellers Area

We value our customers and offer beneficial partnerships to wholesale and small businesses. We are happy to work with repair shops, workshops, GSM repair, etc. We offer flexible pricing on our services and software to our partners. At the moment, we are supporting some of the most popular GSM-services, including GMS Fusion and DHRU. We develop client's systems and connect reseller websites to our services through API connections or online.


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