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Disable iCloud via Proxy Method FMI OFF using Proxy Method

Service Only for Premium Resseler

You can permanently disable FMI (iCloud) on any model of iPhone and iPad which has access to the iCloud Storage information in the Settings menu of the device. Devices supported are iPhones and iPads running on any iOS version up to iOS 14.x.x
The FMI (iCloud) disabling service is automated and it has no complicated setup. For this reason, you don’t need Fiddler, Jailbreak, or a computer.

  • Supported any iPhone & iPad models;
  • Supported any iOS up to 14.x.x;
  • No need Fiddler;
  • No need to Jailbreak device;
  • No Computer required;
  • Not complicated setup;
  • Automated service;

Please Note! If you can’t see iCloud Storage information in the device’s Setting, this means your device is not supported.

How to Use the Service
Service Only for Premium Resseler

Currently, this service is available for bulk premium users only, those who own the Premium Package.

How You Can Become a Premium Reseller? You should create your personal reseller account here. The price depends on which pricing package you choose. Each package has its cost and discount price. If you wish to use this service for free, you should buy the Premium Package with the best pricing.

In order to buy the Premium Package, you need to upgrade your account by paying the difference between your current package and Premium Package cost. For this payment, you can use Wise (bank transfer/card payment) or cryptocurrency (BTC or USDT). Once your balance is updated, Premium price will be set automatically. The amount of your additional payment to get the Premium Package will be available to you as a credit. You can use the credit to buy our services at best prices. As a Premium user, you can use this service for free!

If your device shows the iCloud Storage information, it is supported!

FMI OFF iCloud using Proxy Method

Step-by-step User’s Guide

User’s Guide on How to Use FMI OFF Proxy Method to Permanently Unlock iPhone or iPad

Step 1. Place your order indicating UDID of your device.

In the Order Form in your reseller control panel, you’ll be required to submit your iPhone’s or iPad’s UDID number. Please note, only devices with access to the Settings and displayed iCloud Storage information in the iCloud menu are supported.

Attention! Only iPhones and iPads showing iCloud storage information can be unlocked using the proxy method! Devices showing "Unable to load storage information" are not supported!

Step 2. Connect Proxy on Device WIFI settings

Choose Settings > Wi-FI > Tab "i" sign > HTTP Proxy > Configure Proxy > Choose Manual > Enter Server address: > Enter Port: 8080 > Save

Step 3. Download Certificate.

Open Safari and enter website: => Click to install Certificate: Choose Apple => In dialog box choose “Allow”

Step 4. Install FMI OFF Certificate.

Choose Settings => Choose Profile Downloaded => tap Install => Install => Done.

Then go again to Settings => General => About => Certificate Trust Settings => Enable Foot Trust for Root Certificates => Choose mitmproxy => Turn ON => Continue.

Step 5: Remove FMI.

Open Settings > Choose Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases > Choose iCloud.

You will see the following replies:

  • Order Not Found - message says that your device’s UDID was never submitted for our service!

  • Devices Online - message means that you should wait for a few seconds for your device to go offline. Please also check to make sure your device is connected to proxy (step 2).

  • FMI Removed - message says that FMI is successfully removed from your device. You should restore your device’s firmware via iTunes or other software.

    Please DO NOT restore your device from the backup with active FMI!

  • Device Not Found -message means that FMI has been already removed from the device.

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