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Unlock MacBook: Activation Lock | EFI password | System lock PIN

Users whose MacBook Pro or Air is locked and not entirely usable can remove the lock. User-friendly CheckM8 software removes all types of locks from some Apple devices, including:

  • MacBook with Activation Lock screen;
  • MacBook with EFI password lock;
  • MacBook with System lock PIN.

The software has one button and is easy and fast to use. The CheckM8 will do everything for you, and in a couple of minutes, you will have a fully working MacBook Pro or Air without any restrictions. CheckM8 is the quickest and most reliable software to remove Activation Lock, EFI password, and System lock PIN on MacBook computers with T2 chips.

Explore What kind of lock does MacBook with Apple T2 Security Chip have

Some Apple computers have an extra layer of protection, a T2 security chip. A MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, released in 2018 and later, both come with the T2 chip. It secures the most critical macOS options, including Activation Lock, storage of encrypted data, secure boot, etc.

The T2 security chip controls the booting process and ensures that the MacBook Air (Pro) owner starts the system. And the owner can lock the computer in several ways.

 Bypass Mac Activation Lock Screen

Firstly, when a user enables the Find My Mac app on MacBook, this tool automatically sets on the Activation Lock screen when someone enters an incorrect Apple ID and password.

Secondly, users can enable EFI or the Extensible Firmware Interface password lock on MacBook with a T2 chip. This type of passcode protects a computer from untrusted firmware loads during startup.

Thirdly, users can turn on the iCloud System PIN Lock on MacBook. You enable this System Lock PIN when you turn on Find My and erase or report your MacBook Air (Pro) as lost through iCloud.

All these types of MacBook Lock will not go away if you do not know the correct password. Erasing, reactivating, restoring, recovering, rebooting the macOS device will not solve the problem. Only the CheckM8 software can unlock MacBook Pro and Air. It is a distant, fast, reliable, and straightforward solution you can find in the market today.

Unlock MacBook Pro & Air with Activation Lock without Apple ID and Password?

Users who purchased a used MacBook Pro (Air) model with an Activation Lock screen will love our software. Users who have forgotten their Apple ID and password and need to unlock MacBook Pro (Air) with Activation Lock will also benefit from using the CheckM8 tool.

The CheckM8 software is perfect for anyone who wants to unlock MacBook Pro & Air without Apple ID and password.

Supported devices:

  • MacBook Pro & Air with the T2 security chip;
  • MacBook with Find My Mac tool turned on;
  • MacBook Pro 2018 or newer;
  • MacBook Air 2018 or newer.

MacBook devices with the T2 chip are supported by the Find My app. And this application comes with the Activation Lock option. It locks the computer screen when a user enters the wrong Apple ID/passcode.

You can erase or reactivate a locked computer, but this step will not remove the Activation Lock. You can either login using the correct Apple ID and password to unlock your MacBook Air (Pro). Or you can unlock MacBook Pro & Air with Activation Lock without Apple ID and password using our software.

Bypass Activation Lock on T2 Mac Chip

CheckM8 is a straightforward software that requires no special knowledge. It has a single "Start" button, and once you click it, the Activation Lock unlock will be done within minutes on your computer.

After this, you can enjoy all the benefits of using a regular Mac computer. You will have no issues starting up the device, using all its apps, downloading and installing software, using your Apple ID and password, etc.

The CheckM8 software will unlock MacBook Pro & Air with Activation Lock without Apple ID and Password in a single click.

Unlock MacBook Pro & Air with EFI firmware lock without password?

If your MacBook is protected by the security firmware passcode (EFI password), you can easily unlock your device. The user-friendly CheckM8 software will unlock MacBook Pro & Air with an EFI firmware lock without a password.

The CheckM8 EFI password unlock is a 2-in-1 software. Not only it quickly removes the EFI firmware lock, but it also turns off the Secure Boot on your operating system.

Supported devices:

  • Every MacBook Air (Pro) with the T2 security chip;
  • MacBook with EFI firmware lock.

EFI password is the Extensible Firmware Interface passcode used during macOS startup to prevent untrusted firmware loads.

If you don't know or remember your EFI firmware password, you cannot use your MacBook Air (Pro) versions 2018-2020 as usual.

Unlock Macbook Pro & Air in Lost mode with system lock PIN without passcode

Without the EFI passcode, you cannot upgrade/reinstall macOS, erase/repair your hard drive, restore your computer with Time Machine backup, etc.

Since the EFI password is turned on in Security Boot Settings on MacBook Pro (Air), it is essential to disable Security Boot and EFI passcode. And CheckM8 software does both tasks well. Once you unlock MacBook Pro or Air with EFI firmware lock without a password using CheckM8 software, you will easily start up your computer. It will stop asking for the EFI password.

Once unlocked, your device will let you upgrade the macOS version, use utilities, and all the features.

Unlock Macbook Pro & Air in Lost mode with system lock PIN without passcode

Does your Apple MacBook Air or Pro ask you to enter the System Lock PIN? Do you not know it? Within a couple of minutes, you can unlock MacBook Pro (Air) in Lost mode with system lock PIN without passcode using the CheckM8 software.

Supported devices:

  • All MacBook Air (Pro) models with the T2 security chip (2018, 2019, 2020);
  • MacBook with enabled Find My;
  • MacBook in Lost mode;
  • MacBook with an iCloud System PIN lock.

Apple MacBook devices that have a T2 security chip also support the iCloud System PIN protection. The Find My app on iCloud automatically enables PIN lock when you or someone else erases the computer or reports it as lost using iCloud.

With the System lock PIN, you cannot reboot, recover, restore your MacBook Air (Pro) and use all the possible features. If you do not remember your PIN password, use the CheckM8 tool. It requires no PIN password, works distantly, and supports all Apple computers with the T2 chip. It is a one-button software that unlocks the PIN code for you.

Unlock MacBook Pro & Air with EFI firmware lock without password?

However, when you unlock Macbook Pro or Air in Lost mode with system lock PIN without a passcode, you will still have the Activation Lock. Great news! You can use the CheckM8 Activation Lock bypass to remove this problem as well.

In other words, you can order two CheckM8 tools to unlock System Lock PIN and bypass Activation Lock. This way, your MacBook Pro (Air) will be a fully working device again. You will restore data, repair/erase the disk, reinstall macOS, backup via Time Machine, etc.

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