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Customize MacOS Boot: Change Startup MacOS Sound (.AIFF File) Guide

Customize MacOS Boot: Change Startup MacOS Sound (.AIFF File) Guide

Introduction: Customize MacOS Boot

Did you know that the T2 security chip offers more than just protection of your Mac computer? Learn how you can customize macOS systems with ease and make a unique and comfortable operating system with a custom startup sound you will love.

The tips in this article will work for any device with the T2 security chip, including iMac Pro, the latest iMac 2020, earlier Mac Pro 2019, Mac mini 2018, MacBook Pro 2018/newer version, MacBook Air 2018/newer model.

What Is .AIFF File Type?

AIFF is a standard for audio files stored on Apple computers and devices. AIFF abbreviation means the Audio Interchange File Format, which Apple developed back in 1988.

AIFF files' extensions are .aiff and .aif. These files are not compressed like mp3, so they require more storage space on your disk.

How to Change macOS Startup Sound

If you are not happy with your current macOS startup sound, you can easily modify it. It is possible to add slight changes to your T2 chip system. This way, you will pick a different macOS boot chime.

By the way, all your boot chimes, also known as tones or sounds, can be found in the Mac folder:


Follow our guide on how to change macOS startup sound, and you will get a fun boot chime within minutes. The first thing you should do is jailbreaking. Please beware that you follow all the steps described in this guide at your own risk. While nothing should damage your Mac computer, it is still risky to interfere with the operating system code and change macOS startup sound.

  • Step 1. Before you can jailbreak a Mac computer, it must be put into DFU mode. How can you do this? Please follow our simple instructions on how to boot Mac into DFU mode.
  • Step 2. Now you can start jailbreaking Mac with the T2 security chip. Please see our guide on how to jailbreak the T2-equipped macOS device.
  • Step 3. You get full access to your T2 security chip file system as soon as you finish jailbreaking. Your macOS computer should show a black screen.

    Here is what you must do - launch Terminal. Now SSH into the security chip and enter the following command:

    iproxy 2222 44

    Get a new window in Terminal via Command + T shortcut or using this SSH command:

    ssh [email protected] -p 2222

    If you are asked for your root passcode, enter alpine. Apple T2 security chip files are in read-only mode by default. You can turn them into writable files with the following command:

    mount -o rw,union,update /

  • Step 4. Since you wish to change the macOS startup sound, you need to get into the folder, which keeps the boot chimes. Use the following command to proceed:
    cd /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BridgeAccessibilitySupport.framework/

    It is the next command to use if you wish to get inside the folder with sound files:
    ls -l

    All the files you will see are saved .aiff - this is the Audio Interchange File Format used by Apple on its computers. There are startup sounds and various VoiceOver chimes in multiple languages.
  • Step 5. Every Mac with the T2 chip has its startup sound chime turned off. It is a default setting, which you can enable through NVRAM and the following command:
    nvram StartupMute=%00

  • Step 6. Would it be great to copy the available .aiff files and have them converted into mp3 sounds? You can make it happen. Launch a new window in Terminal on a second Mac (Host) computer (do not use a jailbroken device). Use this command:
    scp -p 2222 -r [email protected]:/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BridgeAccessibilitySupport.framework/ /here_enter_your_local_mac_folder/

    Users who hare copied the .aiff files to their folder on Desktop will see this on a local non-jailbroken macOS device:
    scp -p 2222 -r [email protected]:/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BridgeAccessibilitySupport.framework/ /Users/checkm8/Desktop/

    Instead of "checkm8" enter your username or regular name. You can convert .aiff sounds to mp3 online. If you like to use the default startup sound, look for the one 4-second-long file: AXEFIAudio_VoiceOver_Boot.aiff However, if you wish to use a custom chime, you will have to do a couple of things. Firstly, remove this file from a computer:
    rm /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BridgeAccessibilitySupport.framework/AXEFIAudio_VoiceOver_Boot.aiff 

    Secondly, proceed to the next step.
  • Step 7. Search for a 4-second mp3 file with a sound you wish to hear during a macOS startup. Use an online converter to turn mp3 into .aiff format and save this new file to your Desktop folder. You must rename the file into: AXEFIAudio_VoiceOver_Boot.aiff Make sure the name is correct. This way, it will replace the original chime once you copy it to the jailbroken computer using this command:
    scp -p /Users/checkm8/Desktop/AXEFIAudio_VoiceOver_Boot.aiff [email protected]:/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BridgeAccessibilitySupport.framework/

    Since the computer you have jailbroken (which T2 chip files you have changed) still shows the black screen, let us address this issue. Boot this macOS device using the Power button. If you followed our guide on how to change the macOS startup sound correctly, you would now hear your custom chime.

Afterword. If you ever reboot your computer, the default Apple startup sound will return. But you can use two commands on a jailbroken macOS gadget to turn the custom chime into a permanent boot sound (enter them after Step 6):
1) The first command looks like this:

snappy -f / -l

It will turn into a long string as the macOS snap is named. Example (
2) The second command is like this:

snappy -f / -r “here_long_snap_string_from_command_1” --to orig-fs

It could turn into something like this:

snappy -f / -r --to orig-fs

Now you made the boot startup chime persistent. We hope you enjoy your new custom Mac chime sound.

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